I have some beef with the Black Widow poster.

I knew there was something fucked with that picture.
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition now available for Android


Android users! You can now play BG:EE on your tablets!

Get it here 

Let hope Android users don’t pirate the fuck out of it.

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New Tumblr Blog

I’ve started a new blog for fitness/motivational and inspiring posts. It can be found here at

Its basically what was, make 100 of the best posts to live by. 100 was and is always the limit to summarise my philosophy. I always thought of it as a bedroom wall, to inspire me when I needed the mental boost. I just finished re-blogging everything to the new site, so it’s exactly the same as before. will now be everything from my wordpress blog that I am abandoning, in turn consolidating all my blogs under the tumblr service.

That means, I’ll be posting more about photography, politics and more techie stuff from now on here, hence the change of tone you’ll soon notice. If that isn’t your bag and you were following for the fitness/inspiration then please follow the newer blog. Otherwise stick around for the new that is to come.

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